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Create an NIS domain configuration

If a Network Information Service (NIS) is used in your environment for name services, you must create an NIS domain configuration for the SVM by using the vserver services name-service nis-domain create command.

What you’ll need

All configured NIS servers must be available and reachable before you configure the NIS domain on the SVM.

If you plan to use NIS for directory searches, the maps in your NIS servers cannot have more than 1,024 characters for each entry. Do not specify the NIS server that does not comply with this limit. Otherwise, client access dependent on NIS entries might fail.

About this task

You can create multiple NIS domains. However, you can only use one that is set to active.

If your NIS database contains a netgroup.byhost map, ONTAP can use it for quicker searches. The netgroup.byhost and netgroup maps in the directory must be kept in sync at all times to avoid client access issues. NIS netgroup.byhost entries can be cached using the vserver services name-service nis-domain netgroup-database commands.

Using NIS for host name resolution is not supported.

  1. Create an NIS domain configuration:

    vserver services name-service nis-domain create -vserver vs1 -domain domain_name -active true -servers IP_addresses

    You can specify up to 10 NIS servers.

    The field -nis-servers replaces the field -servers. This new field can take either a hostname or an IP address for the NIS server.

  2. Verify that the domain is created:

    vserver services name-service nis-domain show


The following command creates and makes an active NIS domain configuration for an NIS domain called nisdomain on the SVM named vs1 with an NIS server at IP address

vs1::> vserver services name-service nis-domain create -vserver vs1
-domain nisdomain -active true -nis-servers
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