ONTAP 9.14

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Certificates do not replicate in SVM disaster recovery relationships with a non-ID-preserve configuration

Security certificates used for SSL authentication when making connections to FPolicy servers do not replicate to SVM disaster recovery destinations with non-ID-preserve configurations. Although the FPolicy external-engine configuration on the SVM is replicated, security certificates are not replicated. You must manually install the security certificates on the destination.

When you set up the SVM disaster recovery relationship, the value you select for the -identity-preserve option of the snapmirror create command determines the configuration details that are replicated in the destination SVM.

If you set the -identity-preserve option to true (ID-preserve), all of the FPolicy configuration details are replicated, including the security certificate information. You must install the security certificates on the destination only if you set the option to false (non-ID-preserve).

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