ONTAP 9.14

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Rest API management with ONTAP System Manager

The REST API log captures the API calls that ONTAP System Manager issues to ONTAP. You can use the log to understand the nature and sequence of the calls needed to perform the various ONTAP administrative tasks.

How ONTAP System Manager uses the REST API and API log

There are several ways that REST API calls are issued by ONTAP System Manager to ONTAP.

When does ONTAP System Manager issue API calls

Here are the most important examples of when ONTAP System Manager issues ONTAP REST API calls.

Automatic page refresh

ONTAP System Manager automatically issues API calls in the background to refresh the displayed information, such as on the dashboard page.

Display action by user

One or more API calls are issued when you display a specific storage resource or a collection of resources from the ONTAP System Manager UI.

Update action by user

An API call is issued when you add, modify, or delete an ONTAP resource from the ONTAP System Manager UI.

Reissuing an API call

You can also manually reissue an API call by clicking a log entry. This displays the raw JSON output from the call.

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