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Manage SVM-scoped NDMP mode for FlexVol volumes overview

You can manage NDMP on a per SVM basis by using the NDMP options and commands. You can modify the NDMP options by using the vserver services ndmp modify command. In the SVM-scoped NDMP mode, user authentication is integrated with the role-based access control mechanism.

You can add NDMP in the allowed or disallowed protocols list by using the vserver modify command. By default, NDMP is in the allowed protocols list. If NDMP is added to the disallowed protocols list, NDMP sessions cannot be established.

You can control the LIF type on which an NDMP data connection is established by using the -preferred-interface-role option. During an NDMP data connection establishment, NDMP chooses an IP address that belongs to the LIF type as specified by this option. If the IP addresses do not belong to any of these LIF types, then the NDMP data connection cannot be established. For more information about the -preferred-interface-role option, see the man pages.

For more information about the vserver services ndmp modify command, see the man pages.

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