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Update a replication relationship manually

You might need to update a replication relationship manually if an update fails because of a network error.

About this task

You must specify the Element source path in the form hostip:/lun/name, where “lun” is the actual string “lun” and name is the name of the Element volume.

  1. Update a replication relationship manually:

    snapmirror update -source-path hostip:/lun/name -destination-path SVM:volume|cluster://SVM/volume

    For complete command syntax, see the man page.

    The command fails if a common Snapshot copy does not exist on the source and destination. Use snapmirror initialize to re-initialize the relationship.

    The following example updates the relationship between the source volume 0005 at IP address and the destination volume volA_dst on svm_backup:

    cluster_src::> snapmirror update -source-path -destination-path svm_backup:volA_dst
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