ONTAP 9.14

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System health alert customization

You can control which alerts a health monitor generates by enabling and disabling the system health policies that define when alerts are triggered. This enables you to customize the health monitoring system for your particular environment.

You can learn the name of a policy either by displaying detailed information about a generated alert or by displaying policy definitions for a specific health monitor, node, or alert ID.

Disabling health policies is different from suppressing alerts. When you suppress an alert, it does not affect the subsystem’s health status, but the alert can still occur.

If you disable a policy, the condition or state that is defined in its policy rule expression no longer triggers an alert.

Example of an alert that you want to disable

For example, suppose an alert occurs that is not useful to you. You use the system health alert show –instance command to obtain the Policy ID for the alert. You use the policy ID in the system health policy definition show command to view information about the policy. After reviewing the rule expression and other information about the policy, you decide to disable the policy. You use the system health policy definition modify command to disable the policy.

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