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AutoSupport severity types

AutoSupport messages have severity types that help you understand the purpose of each message—​for example, to draw immediate attention to an emergency problem, or only to provide information.

Messages have one of the following severities:

  • Alert: Alert messages indicate that a next-higher level event might occur if you do not take some action.

    You must take an action against alert messages within 24 hours.

  • Emergency: Emergency messages are displayed when a disruption has occurred.

    You must take an action against emergency messages immediately.

  • Error: Error conditions indicate what might happen if you ignore.

  • Notice: Normal but significant condition.

  • Info: Informational message provides details about the issue, which you can ignore.

  • Debug: Debug-level messages provide instructions you should perform.

If your internal support organization receives AutoSupport messages through email, the severity appears in the subject line of the email message.

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