ONTAP 9.14

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Modify node attributes

You can modify the attributes of a node as required. The attributes that you can modify include the node’s owner information, location information, asset tag, and eligibility to participate in the cluster.

About this task

A node’s eligibility to participate in the cluster can be modified at the advanced privilege level by using the –eligibility parameter of the system node modify or cluster modify command. If you set a node’s eligibility to false, the node becomes inactive in the cluster.

You cannot modify node eligibility locally. It must be modified from a different node. Node eligiblity also cannot be modified with a cluster HA configuration.

You should avoid setting a node’s eligibility to false, except for situations such as restoring the node configuration or prolonged node maintenance. SAN and NAS data access to the node might be impacted when the node is ineligible.

  1. Use the system node modify command to modify a node’s attributes.

Example of modifying node attributes

The following command modifies the attributes of the “node1” node. The node’s owner is set to “Joe Smith” and its asset tag is set to “js1234”:

cluster1::> system node modify -node node1 -owner "Joe Smith" -assettag js1234
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