ONTAP 9.14

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Update the Disk Qualification Package

Each update of the ONTAP Disk Qualification Package (DQP) adds full support for newly qualified drives.

The DQP contains the proper parameters for ONTAP interaction with all newly qualified drives. If you are running a version of ONTAP with a DQP that does not contain information for a newly qualified drive, ONTAP will not have the information to properly configure the drive.

A best practice is to also update the DQP every quarter, and at least twice a year. You need to download and install the DQP in the following situations.

  • Whenever you upgrade to a new version of ONTAP.

    The DQP is not updated as part of an ONTAP upgrade.

  • Whenever you add a new drive type or size to the node

    For example, if you already have 1-TB drives and add 2-TB drives, you need to check for the latest DQP update.

  • Whenever you update the disk firmware

  • Whenever newer disk firmware or DQP files are available

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