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Resolve iSCSI error messages on the storage system

There are a number of common iSCSI-related error messages that you can view with the event log show command. You need to know what these messages mean and what you can do to resolve the issues they identify.

The following table contains the most common error messages, and instructions for resolving them:

Message Explanation What to do

ISCSI: network interface identifier disabled for use; incoming connection discarded

The iSCSI service is not enabled on the interface.

You can use the iscsi interface enable command to enable the iSCSI service on the interface. For example:

iscsi interface enable -vserver vs1 -lif lif1

ISCSI: Authentication failed for initiator nodename

CHAP is not configured correctly for the specified initiator.

You should check the CHAP settings; you cannot use the same user name and password for inbound and outbound settings on the storage system:

  • Inbound credentials on the storage system must match outbound credentials on the initiator.

  • Outbound credentials on the storage system must match inbound credentials on the initiator.

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