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Change subnet properties

You can change the subnet address and mask value, gateway address, or range of IP addresses in an existing subnet.

About this task
  • When modifying IP addresses, you must ensure there are no overlapping IP addresses in the network so that different subnets, or hosts, do not attempt to use the same IP address.

  • If you add or change the gateway IP address, the modified gateway is applied to new SVMs when a LIF is created in them using the subnet. A default route to the gateway is created for the SVM if the route does not already exist. You may need to manually add a new route to the SVM when you change the gateway IP address.

The procedure you follow depends on the interface that you use—​ONTAP System Manager or the CLI:

ONTAP System Manager

Beginning with ONTAP 9.12.0, you can use ONTAP System Manager to change subnet properties

  1. Select Network > Overview > Subnets.

  2. Select kabob icon> Edit beside the subnet you want to change.

  3. Make changes.

  4. Save your changes.

    1. If the IP address or range entered is already used by an interface, the following message is displayed:
      An IP address in this range is already in use by a LIF. Associate the LIF with this subnet?

    2. When you click OK, the existing LIF will be associated with the subnet.


Use the CLI to change subnet properties


Modify subnet properties:

network subnet modify -subnet-name <subnet_name> [-ipspace <ipspace_name>] [-subnet <subnet_address>] [-gateway <gateway_address>] [-ip-ranges <ip_address_list>] [-force-update-lif-associations <true>]
  • subnet_name is the name of the subnet you want to modify.

  • ipspace is the name of the IPspace where the subnet resides.

  • subnet is the new address and mask of the subnet, if applicable; for example,

  • gateway is the new gateway of the subnet, if applicable; for example, Entering "" removes the gateway entry.

  • ip_ranges is the new list, or range, of IP addresses that will be allocated to the subnet, if applicable. The IP addresses can be individual addresses, a range or IP addresses, or a combination in a comma-separated list. The range specified here replaces the existing IP addresses.

  • force-update-lif-associations is required when you change the IP address range. You can set the value to true for this option when modifying the range of IP addresses. This command fails if any service processor or network interfaces are using the IP addresses in the specified range. Setting this value to true associates any manually addressed interfaces with the current subnet and allows the command to succeed.

The following command modifies the gateway IP address of subnet sub3:

network subnet modify -subnet-name <sub3> -gateway <>
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