ONTAP 9.14

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Run an on-demand task immediately

You can run an on-demand task immediately, whether or not you have assigned a schedule.

Before you begin

You must have enabled scanning on the SVM.

  1. Run an on-demand task immediately:

    vserver vscan on-demand-task run -vserver data_SVM -task-name task_name

    The following command runs an on-access task named Task1 on the vs1 SVM:

    cluster1::> vserver vscan on-demand-task run -vserver vs1 -task-name Task1
    [Job 161]: Vscan On-Demand job is queued. Use the "job show -id 161" command to view the status.
    You can use the job show command to view the status of the job. You can use the job pause and job resume commands to pause and restart the job, or the job stop command to end the job.
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