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Get more details in iSCSI session error recoveries

Increasing the iSCSI session error recovery level enables you to receive more detailed information about iSCSI error recoveries. Using a higher error recovery level might cause a minor reduction in iSCSI session performance.

About this task

By default, ONTAP is configured to use error recovery level 0 for iSCSI sessions. If you are using an initiator that has been qualified for error recovery level 1 or 2, you can choose to increase the error recovery level. The modified session error recovery level affects only the newly created sessions and does not affect existing sessions.

The max-error-recovery-level option is not supported in the iscsi show and iscsi modify commands.

  1. Enter advanced mode:

    set -privilege advanced

  2. Verify the current setting by using the iscsi show command.

    iscsi show -vserver vs3 -fields max-error-recovery-level

    vserver max-error-recovery-level
    ------- ------------------------
    vs3     0
  3. Change the error recovery level by using the iscsi modify command.

    iscsi modify -vserver vs3 -max-error-recovery-level 2

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