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Post-installation configuration

After the ONTAP Mediator service is installed and running, additional configuration tasks must be performed in the ETERNUS AX/HX Series system to use the Mediator features:

Configure ONTAP Mediator security policies

The ONTAP Mediator server supports several configurable security settings. The default values for all settings are provide in a low_space_threshold_mib: 10read-only file:


All values that are placed in the ontap_mediator.user_config.yaml will override the default values and be maintained across all ONTAP Mediator upgrades.

After you modify ontap_mediator.user_config.yaml, restart the ONTAP Mediator service:

systemctl restart ontap_mediator

Modify ONTAP Mediator attributes

The following attributes can be configured:

Other default values in the ontap_mediator.config.yaml should not be modified.
  • Settings used to install third-party SSL certificates as replacements for the default self-signed certificates

    cert_path: '/opt/netapp/lib/ontap_mediator/ontap_mediator/server_config/ontap_mediator_server.crt'
    key_path: '/opt/netapp/lib/ontap_mediator/ontap_mediator/server_config/ontap_mediator_server.key'
    ca_cert_path: '/opt/netapp/lib/ontap_mediator/ontap_mediator/server_config/ca.crt'
    ca_key_path: '/opt/netapp/lib/ontap_mediator/ontap_mediator/server_config/ca.key'
    ca_serial_path: '/opt/netapp/lib/ontap_mediator/ontap_mediator/server_config/ca.srl'
    cert_valid_days: '1095'                   # Used to set the expiration on client certs to 3 years
    x509_passin_pwd: 'pass:ontap'             # passphrase for the signed client cert
  • Settings that provide protections against brute-force password guessing attacks

    To enable the feature, set a value for the window_seconds and the retry_limit


    • Provide a 5-minute window for guesses, and then reset the count to zero failures:

      authentication_lock_window_seconds: 300

    • Lock the account if five failures occur within the window timeframe:

      authentication_retry_limit: 5

    • Reduce the impact of brute-force password guessing attacks by setting a delay that occurs prior to rejecting each attempt, which slows the attacks.

      authentication_failure_delay_seconds: 5

      authentication_failure_delay_seconds: 0   # seconds (float) to delay failed auth attempts prior to response, 0 = no delay
      authentication_lock_window_seconds: null  # seconds (int) since the oldest failure before resetting the retry counter, null = no window
      authentication_retry_limit: null          # number of retries to allow before locking API access, null = unlimited
  • Fields that control the password complexity rules of the ONTAP Mediator API user account

    password_min_length: 8
    password_max_length: 64
    password_uppercase_chars: 0    # min. uppercase characters
    password_lowercase_chars: 1    # min. lowercase character
    password_special_chars: 1      # min. non-letter, non-digit
    password_nonletter_chars: 2    # min. non-letter characters (digits, specials, anything)
  • Setting that controls the required free space on the /opt/netapp/lib/ontap_mediator disk.

    If the space is lower than the set threshold, the service will issue a warning event.

    low_space_threshold_mib: 10
  • Setting that controls RESERVE_LOG_SPACE.

    The ONTAP Mediator server by default installation creates a separate disk space for the logs. The installer creates a new fixed-size file with a total of 700 MB of disk space to be used explicitly for Mediator logging.

    To disable this feature and use the default disk space, perform the following steps:

    1. Change the value of RESERVE_LOG_SPACE from “1” to “0” in the following file:


    2. Restart the Mediator:

      1. cat /opt/netapp/lib/ontap_mediator/tools/mediator_env | grep "RESERVE_LOG_SPACE"

      2. systemctl restart ontap_mediator

    To re-enable the feature, change the value from “0” to “1” and restart the Mediator.

    Toggling between disk spaces does not purge existing logs. All previous logs are backed up and then moved to the current disk space after toggling and restarting the Mediator.
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