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Change the MTU value for ports in a broadcast domain

You can modify the MTU value for a broadcast domain to change the MTU value for all ports in that broadcast domain. This can be done to support topology changes that have been made in the network.

Before you begin

The MTU value must match all the devices connected to that layer 2 network except for the e0M port handling management traffic.

About this task

Changing the MTU value causes a brief interruption in traffic over the affected ports. The system displays a prompt that you must answer with y to make the MTU change.


Change the MTU value for all ports in a broadcast domain:

network port broadcast-domain modify -broadcast-domain <broadcast_domain_name> -mtu <mtu_value> [-ipspace <ipspace_name>]
  • broadcast_domain is the name of the broadcast domain.

  • mtu is the MTU size for IP packets; 1500 and 9000 are typical values.

  • ipspace is the name of the IPspace in which this broadcast domain resides. The "Default" IPspace is used unless you specify a value for this option. The following command changes the MTU to 9000 for all ports in the broadcast domain bcast1:

network port broadcast-domain modify -broadcast-domain <Default-1> -mtu < 9000 >
Warning: Changing broadcast domain settings will cause a momentary data-serving interruption.
Do you want to continue? {y|n}: <y>
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