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About dump engine for FlexVol volumes

Dump is a Snapshot copy based backup and recovery solution from ONTAP that helps you to back up files and directories from a Snapshot copy to a tape device and restore the backed up data to a storage system.

You can back up your file system data, such as directories, files, and their associated security settings, to a tape device by using the dump backup. You can back up an entire volume, an entire qtree, or a subtree that is neither an entire volume nor an entire qtree.

You can perform a dump backup or restore by using NDMP-compliant backup applications.

When you perform a dump backup, you can specify the Snapshot copy to be used for a backup. If you do not specify a Snapshot copy for the backup, the dump engine creates a Snapshot copy for the backup. After the backup operation is completed, the dump engine deletes this Snapshot copy.

You can perform level-0, incremental, or differential backups to tape by using the dump engine.

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