ONTAP 9.14

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Criteria for placing volumes on destination SVMs

When replicating volumes from the source SVM to the destination SVM, it’s important to know the criteria for selecting aggregates.

Aggregates are selected based on the following criteria:

  • Volumes are always placed on non-root aggregates.

  • Non-root aggregates are selected based on the available free space and the number of volumes already hosted on the aggregate.

    Aggregates with more free space and fewer volumes are given priority. The aggregate with the highest priority is selected.

  • Source volumes on FabricPool aggregates are placed on FabricPool aggregates on the destination with the same tiering-policy.

  • If a volume on the source SVM is located on a Flash Pool aggregate, then the volume is placed on a Flash Pool aggregate on the destination SVM, if such an aggregate exists and has enough free space.

  • If the -space-guarantee option of the volume that is replicated is set to volume, only aggregates with free space greater than the volume size are considered.

  • The volume size grows automatically on the destination SVM during replication, based on the source volume size.

    If you want to pre-reserve the size on the destination SVM, you must resize the volume. The volume size does not shrink automatically on the destination SVM based on the source SVM.

If you want to move a volume from one aggregate to another, you can use the volume move command on the destination SVM.

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