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Rehost a volume from one SVM to another SVM overview

Volume rehost enables you to reassign NAS or SAN volumes from one storage virtual machine (SVM, formerly known as Vserver) to another SVM without requiring a SnapMirror copy. The volume rehost procedures depend upon the protocol type and the volume type. Volume rehost is a disruptive operation for data access and volume management.

Before you begin

Several conditions must be met before you can rehost a volume from one SVM to another:

  • The volume must be online.

  • Protocols: SAN or NAS

    For the NAS protocol, the volume must be unmounted.

  • If the volume is in a SnapMirror relationship, then the relationship must be either deleted or broken prior to volume rehost.

    You can resynchronize the SnapMirror relationship after the volume rehost operation.

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