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Create a trunking-enabled NFS server

Beginning with ONTAP 9.14.1, trunking can be enabled on NFS servers. NFSv4.1 is enabled by default when NFS servers are created.

Before you begin

The SVM must be:

  • backed by sufficient storage for client data requirements.

  • enabled for NFS.

  • dedicated to NFS trunking. No other clients should be configured on it.

  1. If a suitable SVM does not exist, create one:

    vserver create -vserver svm_name -rootvolume root_volume_name -aggregate aggregate_name -rootvolume-security-style unix -language C.UTF-8

  2. Verify the configuration and status of the newly created SVM:

    vserver show -vserver svm_name

    Learn more about creating an SVM.

  3. Create the NFS server:

    vserver nfs create -vserver svm_name -v3 disabled -v4.0 disabled -v4.1 enabled -v4.1-trunking enabled -v4-id-domain my_domain.com

  4. Verify that NFS is running:

    vserver nfs status -vserver svm_name

  5. Verify that NFS is configured as desired:

    vserver nfs show -vserver svm_name

    Learn more about NFS server configuration.

After you finish

Configure the following services as needed:

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