ONTAP 9.14

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Changes to audit logging in ONTAP 9

The command-history.log file is replaced by audit.log, and the mgwd.log file no longer contains audit information.

Existing command-history.log files are preserved. They are rotated out (deleted) as new audit.log files are rotated in (created).

Tools and scripts that check the command-history.log file might continue to work, because a soft link from command-history.log to audit.log is created at upgrade. However, tools and scripts that check the mgwd.log file will fail, because that file no longer contains audit information.

In addition, audit logs no longer include the following entries because they are not considered useful and cause unnecessary logging activity:

  • Internal commands run by ONTAP (that is, where username=root)

  • Command aliases (separately from the command they point to)

You can transmit the audit logs securely to external destinations using the TCP and TLS protocols.

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