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Enable SVM-scoped NDMP on the cluster

If the DMA supports the Cluster Aware Backup (CAB) extension, you can back up all the volumes hosted across different nodes in a cluster by enabling SVM-scoped NDMP, enabling NDMP service on the cluster (admin SVM), and configuring LIFs for data and control connection.

What you’ll need

The CAB extension must be supported by the DMA.

About this task

Turning off node-scoped NDMP mode enables SVM-scoped NDMP mode on the cluster.

  1. Enable SVM-scoped NDMP mode by using the system services ndmp command with the node-scope-mode parameter.

    cluster1::> system services ndmp node-scope-mode off
    NDMP node-scope-mode is disabled.
  2. Enable NDMP service on the admin SVM by using the vserver services ndmp on command.

    cluster1::> vserver services ndmp on -vserver cluster1

    The authentication type is set to challenge by default and plaintext authentication is disabled.

    For secure communication, you should keep plaintext authentication disabled.

  3. Verify that NDMP service is enabled by using the vserver services ndmp show command.

    cluster1::> vserver services ndmp show
    Vserver       Enabled   Authentication type
    ------------- --------- -------------------
    cluster1      true      challenge
    vs1           false     challenge
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