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Delete an encrypted volume

You can use the volume delete command to delete an encrypted volume.

Before you begin
  • You must be a cluster administrator to perform this task. Alternately, you can be an SVM administrator to whom the cluster administrator has delegated authority. For more information, see delegate authority to run the volume move command.

  • The volume must be offline.

  1. Delete an encrypted volume:

    volume delete -vserver SVM_name -volume volume_name

    For complete command syntax, see the man page for the command.

    The following command deletes an encrypted volume named vol1:

    cluster1::> volume delete -vserver vs1 -volume vol1

    Enter yes when you are prompted to confirm deletion.

    The system deletes the encryption key for the volume after 24 hours.

    Use volume delete with the -force true option to delete a volume and destroy the corresponding encryption key immediately. This command requires advanced privileges. For more information, see the man page.

After you finish

You can use the volume recovery-queue command to recover a deleted volume during the retention period after issuing the volume delete command:

volume recovery-queue SVM_name -volume volume_name

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