ONTAP 9.14

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Display DNS domain configurations

You can display the DNS domain configuration of one or more storage virtual machines (SVMs) in your cluster to verify that it is configured properly.


Viewing the DNS domain configurations by using the vserver services name-service dns show command.

The following command displays the DNS configurations for all SVMs in the cluster:

vserver services name-service dns show
Vserver        State     Domains                  Servers
-------------- --------- ------------------------ -------------
cluster-1       enabled   xyz.company.com,
vs1            enabled   xyz.company.com,
vs2            enabled   xyz.company.com,
vs3            enabled   xyz.company.com,

The following command displays detailed DNS configuration information for SVM vs1:

vserver services name-service dns show -vserver vs1
               Vserver: vs1
               Domains: xyz.company.com
          Name Servers:,
    Enable/Disable DNS: enabled
        Timeout (secs): 2
      Maximum Attempts: 1
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