ONTAP 9.14

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Use cloud migration controls to override a volume’s default tiering policy

You can change a volume’s default tiering policy for controlling user data retrieval from the cloud tier to performance tier by using the -cloud-retrieval-policy option introduced in ONTAP 9.8.

What you’ll need
  • Modifying a volume using the -cloud-retrieval-policy option requires ONTAP 9.8 or later.

  • You must have the advanced privilege level to perform this operation.

  • You should understand the behavior of tiering policies with -cloud-retrieval-policy.

  1. Modify the tiering policy behavior for an existing volume by using the volume modify command with the -cloud-retrieval-policy option:

     volume create -volume <volume_name> -vserver <vserver_name> - tiering-policy <policy_name> -cloud-retrieval-policy
    vol modify -volume fp_volume4 -vserver vs0 -cloud-retrieval-policy promote
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