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How user and group quotas work with qtrees

Tree quotas limit the overall size of the qtree. To prevent individual users or groups from consuming the entire qtree, you specify a user or group quota for that qtree.

Example user quota in a qtree

Suppose you have the following quotas file:

#Quota target type            disk files thold sdisk sfile
#-----------  ----            ---- ----- ----- ----- -----
*             user@/vol/vol1  50M   -     45M
jsmith        user@/vol/vol1  80M   -     75M

It comes to your attention that a certain user, kjones, is taking up too much space in a critical qtree, qt1, which resides in vol2. You can restrict this user’s space by adding the following line to the quotas file:

kjones        user@/vol/vol2/qt1  20M  -   15M
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