ONTAP 9.14

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Delete an FC service for an SVM

You can delete an FC service for a storage virtual machine (SVM) if it is no longer required.

What you’ll need

The administration status must be “down” before you can delete a FC service for an SVM. You can set the administration status to down with either the vserver fcp modify command or the vserver fcp stop command.

  1. Use the vserver fcp stop command to stop the I/O to the LUN.

    vserver fcp stop -vserver vs_1

  2. Use the vserver fcp delete command to remove the service from the SVM.

    vserver fcp delete -vserver vs_1

  3. Use the vserver fcp show to verify that you deleted the FC service from your SVM:

    vserver fcp show -vserver vs_1

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