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Access a node’s log, core dump, and MIB files by using a web browser

The Service Processor Infrastructure (spi) web service is enabled by default to enable a web browser to access the log, core dump, and MIB files of a node in the cluster. The files remain accessible even when the node is down, provided that the node is taken over by its partner.

What you’ll need
  • The cluster management LIF must be up.

    You can use the management LIF of the cluster or a node to access the spi web service. However, using the cluster management LIF is recommended.

    The network interface show command displays the status of all LIFs in the cluster.

  • You must use a local user account to access the spi web service, domain user accounts are not supported.

  • If your user account does not have the “admin” role (which has access to the spi web service by default), your access-control role must be granted access to the spi web service.

    The vserver services web access show command shows what roles are granted access to which web services.

  • If you are not using the “admin” user account (which includes the http access method by default), your user account must be set up with the http access method.

    The security login show command shows user accounts' access and login methods and their access-control roles.

  • If you want to use HTTPS for secure web access, SSL must be enabled and a digital certificate must be installed.

    The system services web show command displays the configuration of the web protocol engine at the cluster level.

About this task

The spi web service is enabled by default, and the service can be disabled manually (vserver services web modify -vserver * -name spi -enabled false).

The “admin” role is granted access to the spi web service by default, and the access can be disabled manually (services web access delete -vserver cluster_name -name spi -role admin).

  1. Point the web browser to the spi web service URL in one of the following formats:

    • http://cluster-mgmt-LIF/spi/

    • https://cluster-mgmt-LIF/spi/

      cluster-mgmt-LIF is the IP address of the cluster management LIF.

  2. When prompted by the browser, enter your user account and password.

    After your account is authenticated, the browser displays links to the /mroot/etc/log/, /mroot/etc/crash/, and /mroot/etc/mib/ directories of each node in the cluster.

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