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Convert from RAID-DP to RAID-TEC

If you want the added protection of triple-parity, you can convert from RAID-DP to RAID-TEC. RAID-TEC is recommended if the size of the disks used in your local tier (aggregate) is greater than 4 TiB.

What you’ll need

The local tier (aggregate) that is to be converted must have a minimum of seven disks.

About this task

Hard disk drive (HDD) local tiers can be converted from RAID-DP to RAID-TEC. This includes HDD tiers in Flash Pool local tiers.

  1. Verify that the aggregate is online and has a minimum of six disks:

    storage aggregate show-status -aggregate aggregate_name

  2. Convert the aggregate from RAID-DP to RAID-TEC:

    storage aggregate modify -aggregate aggregate_name -raidtype raid_tec

  3. Verify that the aggregate RAID policy is RAID-TEC:

    storage aggregate show aggregate_name

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