ONTAP 9.14

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Security management overview with ONTAP System Manager

You can manage cluster security with ONTAP System Manager.

With ONTAP System Manager, you use ONTAP standard methods to secure client and administrator access to storage and to protect against viruses. Advanced technologies are available for encryption of data at rest and for WORM storage.

Client authentication and authorization

ONTAP authenticates a client machine and user by verifying their identities with a trusted source. ONTAP authorizes a user to access a file or directory by comparing the user’s credentials with the permissions configured on the file or directory.

Administrator authentication and RBAC

Administrators use local or remote login accounts to authenticate themselves to the cluster and storage VM. Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) determines the commands to which an administrator has access.

Virus scanning

You can use integrated antivirus functionality on the storage system to protect data from being compromised by viruses or other malicious code. ONTAP virus scanning, called Vscan, combines best-in-class third-party antivirus software with ONTAP features that give you the flexibility you need to control which files get scanned and when.


ONTAP offers both software- and hardware-based encryption technologies for ensuring that data at rest cannot be read if the storage medium is repurposed, returned, misplaced, or stolen.

WORM storage

SnapLock is a high-performance compliance solution for organizations that use write once, read many (WORM) storage to retain critical files in unmodified form for regulatory and governance purposes.

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