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SMB only: Create a SMB server

If the source SVM has an SMB configuration, and you chose to set identity-preserve to false, you must create a SMB server for the destination SVM. SMB server is required for some SMB configurations, such as shares during initialization of the SnapMirror relationship.

  1. Start the destination SVM by using the vserver start command.

    destination_cluster::> vserver start -vserver dvs1
    [Job 30] Job succeeded: DONE
  2. Verify that the destination SVM is in the running state and subtype is dp-destination by using the vserver show command.

    destination_cluster::> vserver show
                                       Admin      Operational Root
    Vserver  Type    Subtype           State      State       Volume     Aggregate
    -------- ------- ----------       ---------- ----------- ---------- ----------
    dvs1     data    dp-destination    running    running       -         -
  3. Create a LIF by using the network interface create command.

    destination_cluster::>network interface create -vserver dvs1 -lif NAS1 -role data -data-protocol cifs -home-node destination_cluster-01 -home-port a0a-101  -address -netmask
  4. Create a route by using the network route create command.

    destination_cluster::>network route create -vserver dvs1 -destination
  5. Configure DNS by using the vserver services dns create command.

    destination_cluster::>vserver services dns create -domains mydomain.example.com -vserver
    dvs1 -name-servers -state enabled
  6. Add the preferred domain controller by using the vserver cifs domain preferred-dc add command.

    destination_cluster::>vserver cifs domain preferred-dc add -vserver dvs1 -preferred-dc -domain mydomain.example.com
  7. Create the SMB server by using the vserver cifs create command.

    destination_cluster::>vserver cifs create -vserver dvs1 -domain mydomain.example.com
    -cifs-server CIFS1
  8. Stop the destination SVM by using the vserver stop command.

    destination_cluster::> vserver stop -vserver dvs1
    [Job 46] Job succeeded: DONE
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