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Control and monitor I/O performance to LUNs by using Storage QoS

You can control input/output (I/O) performance to LUNs by assigning LUNs to Storage QoS policy groups. You might control I/O performance to ensure that workloads achieve specific performance objectives or to throttle a workload that negatively impacts other workloads.

About this task

Policy groups enforce a maximum throughput limit (for example, 100 MB/s). You can create a policy group without specifying a maximum throughput, which enables you to monitor performance before you control the workload.

You can also assign storage virtual machines (SVMs) with FlexVol volumes and LUNs to policy groups.

Note the following requirements about assigning a LUN to a policy group:

  • The LUN must be contained by the SVM to which the policy group belongs.

    You specify the SVM when you create the policy group.

  • If you assign a LUN to a policy group, then you cannot assign the LUN’s containing volume or SVM to a policy group.

For more information about how to use Storage QoS, see the System administration reference.

  1. Use the qos policy-group create command to create a policy group.

  2. Use the lun create command or the lun modify command with the -qos-policy-group parameter to assign a LUN to a policy group.

  3. Use the qos statistics commands to view performance data.

  4. If necessary, use the qos policy-group modify command to adjust the policy group’s maximum throughput limit.

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