ONTAP 9.14

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Disable in-band authentication over NVMe

If you have configured in-band authentication over NVMe using DH-HMAC-CHAP, you can choose to disable it at any time.

If you are reverting from ONTAP 9.12.1 or later to ONTAP 9.12.0 or earlier, you must disable in-band authentication before you revert. If in-band authentication using DH-HMAC-CHAP is not disabled, revert will fail.

  1. Remove the host from the subsystem to disable DH-HMAC-CHAP authentication:

    vserver nvme subsystem host remove –vserver <svm_name> -subsystem <subsystem> -host-nqn <host_nqn>
  2. Verify that the DH-HMAC-CHAP authentication protocol is removed from the host:

    vserver nvme subsystem host show
  3. Add the host back to the subsystem without authentication:

    vserver nvme subsystem host add vserver <svm_name> -subsystem <subsystem> -host-nqn <host_nqn>
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