ONTAP 9.14

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Identify and move SMB servers in workgroup mode

Before performing a revert, you must delete any SMB servers in workgroup mode or move them in to a domain. Workgroup mode is not supported on ONTAP versions prior to ONTAP 9.

  1. Identify any SMB servers with a Authentication Style of workgroup: vserver cifs show

  2. Move or delete the servers you identified:

    If you are going to…​ Then use this command…​.

    Move the SMB server from the workgroup to an Active Directory domain:

    vserver cifs modify -vserver vserver_name -domain domain_name

    Delete the SMB server

    vserver cifs delete -vserver vserver_name

  3. If you deleted the SMB server, enter the username of the domain, then enter the user password.

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