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Configure an IP MetroCluster site

Beginning with ONTAP 9.8, you can manage an IP configuration of a MetroCluster operation with ONTAP System Manager. After setting up two clusters and peering them, you configure each cluster.

Before you start

You should have completed the following procedures:

Configure the connection between clusters

  1. Log in to ONTAP System Manager on one of the sites, and select Dashboard.

    In the MetroCluster section, the graphic shows the two clusters that you set up and peered for the MetroCluster sites. The cluster you are working from (local cluster) is shown on the left.

  2. Click Configure MetroCluster. From this window, you can perform the following tasks:

    1. The nodes for each cluster in the MetroCluster configuration are shown. Use the drop-down lists to select which nodes in the local cluster will be disaster recovery partners with which nodes in the remote cluster.

    2. Click the check box if you want to configure an ONTAP Mediator service. See Configure the ONTAP Mediator service.

    3. If both clusters have a license to enable encryption, the Encryption section is displayed.

      To enable encryption, enter a passphrase.

    4. Click the check box if you want to configure MetroCluster with shared layer 3 network.

      The HA partner nodes and network switches connecting to the nodes must have a matching configuration.
  3. Click Save to configure the MetroCluster sites.

    On the Dashboard, in the MetroCluster section, the graphic shows a check mark on the link between the two clusters, indicating a healthy connection.

Configure the ONTAP Mediator service

The ONTAP Mediator service is typically installed at a geographic location separate from either location of the clusters. The clusters communicate regularly with the service to indicate that they are up and running. If one of the clusters in the MetroCluster configuration detects that the communication with its partner cluster is down, it checks with the ONTAP Mediator to determine if the partner cluster itself is down.

Before you start

Both clusters at the MetroCluster sites should be up and peered.

  1. In ONTAP System Manager in ONTAP 9.8, select Cluster > Settings.

  2. In the Mediator section, click Settings gear icon.

  3. On the Configure Mediator window, click Add+.

  4. Enter the configuration details for the ONTAP Mediator.

    You can enter the following details while configuring an ONTAP Mediator with ONTAP System Manager.

    • The IP address of the Mediator.

    • The user name.

    • The password.

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