ONTAP 9.14

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Individual zones

In the recommended zoning configuration, there is one host initiator per zone. The zone consists of the host initiator port and one or more target LIFs on the storage nodes that are providing access to the LUNs up to the desired number of paths per target. This means that hosts accessing the same nodes cannot see each other’s ports, but each initiator can access any node.

You should add all LIF’s from the storage virtual machine (SVM) into the zone with the host initiator. This allows you to move volumes or LUNs without editing your existing zones or creating new zones.

For Fibre Channel paths to nodes running ONTAP, be sure that the FC switches are zoned using the WWPNs of the target logical interfaces (LIFs), not the WWPNs of the physical ports on the node. The WWPNs of the physical ports start with “50” and the WWPNs of the LIFs start with “20”.

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