ONTAP 9.14

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Monitor cluster performance using ONTAP System Manager

The topics in this section show you how to manage cluster health and performance with ONTAP System Manager in ONTAP releases.

You can monitor cluster performance by viewing information about your system on the ONTAP System Manager Dashboard. The Dashboard displays information about important alerts and notifications, the efficiency and capacity of storage tiers and volumes, the nodes that are available in a cluster, the status of the nodes in an HA pair, the most active applications and objects, and the performance metrics of a cluster or a node.

The Dashboard lets you determine the following information:

  • Health: How healthy is the cluster?

  • Capacity: What capacity is available on the cluster?

  • Performance: How well is the cluster performing, based on latency, IOPS, and throughput?

  • Network: How is the network configured with hosts and storage objects, such as ports, interfaces, and storage VMs?

In the Health and Capacity overviews, you can click More information arrow icon to view additional information and perform tasks.

In the Performance overview, you can view metrics based on the hour, the day, the week, the month, or the year.

In the Network overview, the number of each object in the network is displayed (for example, "8 NVMe/FC ports"). You can click on the numbers to view details about each network object.

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