ONTAP 9.14

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Special considerations prior to an ONTAP upgrade

Certain cluster configurations require you to take specific actions before you begin an ONTAP software upgrade. For example, if you have a SAN configuration, you should verify that each host is configured with the correct number of direct and indirect paths before you begin the upgrade.

Review the following table to determine what additional steps you might need to take.

Ask yourself…​ If your answer is yes, then do this…​

Is my cluster currently in a mixed version state?

Check mixed version requirements

Do I have a MetroCluster configuration?

Do I have a SAN configuration?

Verify the SAN host configuration

Does my cluster have SnapMirror relationships defined?

Do I have DP-type SnapMirror relationships defined, and am I upgrading to ONTAP 9.12.1 or later?

Convert existing DP-type relationships to XDP

Am I using Storage Encryption with external key management servers?

Delete any existing key management server connections

Do I have netgroups loaded into SVMs?

Vefiry that the netgroup file is present on each node

Do I have LDAP clients using SSLv3?

Configure LDAP clients to use TLS

Am I using session-oriented protocols?

Review considerations for session-oriented protocols

Is SSL FIPS mode enabled on a cluster where administrator accounts authenticate with an SSH public key?

Verify SSH host key algorithm support

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