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Verify that the SMB protocol is enabled on the SVM

Before you can configure and use SMB on SVMs, you must verify that the protocol is enabled.

About this task

This is typically done during SVM setup, but if you did not enable the protocol during setup, you can enable it later by using the vserver add-protocols command.

You cannot add or remove a protocol from a LIF once it is created.

You can also disable protocols on SVMs using the vserver remove-protocols command.

  1. Check which protocols are currently enabled and disabled for the SVM: vserver show -vserver vserver_name -protocols

    You can also use the vserver show-protocols command to view the currently enabled protocols on all SVMs in the cluster.

  2. If necessary, enable or disable a protocol:

    • To enable the SMB protocol: vserver add-protocols -vserver vserver_name -protocols cifs

    • To disable a protocol: vserver remove-protocols -vserver vserver_name -protocols protocol_name[,protocol_name,...]

  3. Confirm that the enabled and disabled protocols were updated correctly: vserver show -vserver vserver_name -protocols


The following command displays which protocols are currently enabled and disabled (allowed and disallowed) on the SVM named vs1:

vs1::> vserver show -vserver vs1.example.com -protocols
Vserver           Allowed Protocols         Disallowed Protocols
-----------       ----------------------    -----------------------
vs1.example.com   cifs                       nfs, fcp, iscsi, ndmp

The following command allows access over SMB by adding cifs to the list of enabled protocols on the SVM named vs1:

vs1::> vserver add-protocols -vserver vs1.example.com -protocols cifs
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