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Set up an IP MetroCluster site

Beginning with ONTAP 9.8, you can use ONTAP System Manager to set up an IP configuration of a MetroCluster site.

A MetroCluster site consists of two clusters. Typically, the clusters are located in different geographical locations.

Before you start
  • Your system should already be installed and cabled according to the ETERNUS AX and ETERNUS HX series Documentation that came with the system.

  • Cluster network interfaces should be configured on each node of each cluster for intra-cluster communication.

Assign a node-management IP address

Windows System

You should connect your Windows computer to the same subnet as the controllers. This will automatically assign a node-management IP address to your system.

  1. From the Windows system, open the Network drive to discover the nodes.

  2. Double-click the node to launch the cluster setup wizard.

Other systems

You should configure the node-management IP address for one of the nodes in your cluster. You can use this node-management IP address to launch the cluster set up wizard.

See Creating the cluster on the first node for information about assigning a node-management IP address.

Initialize and configure the cluster

You initialize the cluster by setting an administrative password for the cluster and setting up the cluster management and node management networks. You can also configure services like a DNS server to resolve host names and an NTP server to synchronize time.

  1. On a web browser, enter the node-management IP address that you have configured: "https://node-management-IP"

    ONTAP System Manager automatically discovers the remaining nodes in the cluster.

  2. In the Initialize Storage System window, perform the following:

    1. Enter cluster management network configuration data.

    2. Enter Node management IP addresses for all the nodes.

    3. Provide domain name servers (DNS) details.

    4. In the Other section, select the check box labeled Use time service (NTP) to add the time servers.

When you click Submit, wait for the cluster to be created and configured. Then, a validation process occurs.

What’s Next?

After both clusters have been set up, initialized, and configured, perform the following procedure:

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