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Create an on-demand task

An on-demand task defines the scope of the on-demand virus scan. You can specify the maximum size of the files to be scanned, the extensions and paths of the files to be included in the scan, and the extensions and paths of the files to be excluded from the scan. Files in subdirectories are scanned by default.

About this task
  • A maximum of ten (10) on-demand tasks can exist for each SVM, but only one can be active.

  • An on-demand task creates a report, which has information regarding the statistics related to the scans. This report is accessible with a command or by downloading the report file created by the task at the location defined.

Before you begin
  • You must have created an on-access policy. The policy can be a default or user-created one. Without the on-access policy, you cannot enable the scan.

  1. Create an on-demand task:

    vserver vscan on-demand-task create -vserver data_SVM -task-name task_name -scan-paths paths_of_files_to_scan -report-directory report_directory_path -report-expiry-time expiration_time_for_report -schedule cron_schedule -max-file-size max_size_of_files_to_scan -paths-to-exclude paths -file-ext-to-exclude file_extensions -file-ext-to-include file_extensions -scan-files-with-no-ext true|false -directory-recursion true|false

    • The -file-ext-to-exclude setting overrides the -file-ext-to-include setting.

    • Set -scan-files-with-no-ext to true to scan files without extensions.

    For a complete list of options, see the command reference.

    The following command creates an on-demand task named Task1 on the `vs1`SVM:

    cluster1::> vserver vscan on-demand-task create -vserver vs1 -task-name Task1 -scan-paths "/vol1/","/vol2/cifs/" -report-directory "/report" -schedule daily -max-file-size 5GB -paths-to-exclude "/vol1/cold-files/" -file-ext-to-include "vmdk?","mp*" -file-ext-to-exclude "mp3","mp4" -scan-files-with-no-ext false
    [Job 126]: Vscan On-Demand job is queued. Use the "job show -id 126" command to view the status.
    You can use the job show command to view the status of the job. You can use the job pause and job resume commands to pause and restart the job, or the job stop command to end the job.
  2. Verify that the on-demand task has been created:

    vserver vscan on-demand-task show -instance data_SVM -task-name task_name

    For a complete list of options, see the man page for the command.

    The following command displays the details for the Task1 task:

    cluster1::> vserver vscan on-demand-task show -instance vs1 -task-name Task1
                               Vserver: vs1
                             Task Name: Task1
                    List of Scan Paths: /vol1/, /vol2/cifs/
                 Report Directory Path: /report
                          Job Schedule: daily
    Max File Size Allowed for Scanning: 5GB
                File Paths Not to Scan: /vol1/cold-files/
           File Extensions Not to Scan: mp3, mp4
               File Extensions to Scan: vmdk?, mp*
          Scan Files with No Extension: false
               Request Service Timeout: 5m
                        Cross Junction: true
                   Directory Recursion: true
                         Scan Priority: low
                      Report Log Level: info
            Expiration Time for Report: -
After you finish

You must enable scanning on the SVM before the task is scheduled to run.

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