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Capabilities and restrictions of transitioned LUNs

In a SAN environment, a disruption in service is required during the transition of a 7-Mode volume to ONTAP. You need to shut down your hosts to complete the transition. After transition, you must update your host configurations before you can begin serving data in ONTAP

You need to schedule a maintenance window during which you can shut down your hosts and complete the transition.

LUNs that have been transitioned from Data ONTAP operating in 7-Mode to ONTAP have certain capabilities and restrictions that affect the way the LUNs can be managed.

You can do the following with transitioned LUNs:

  • View the LUN using the lun show command

  • View the inventory of LUNs transitioned from the 7-Mode volume using the transition 7-mode show command

  • Restore a volume from a 7-Mode Snapshot copy

    Restoring the volume transitions all of the LUNs captured in the Snapshot copy

  • Restore a single LUN from a 7-Mode Snapshot copy using the snapshot restore-file command

  • Create a clone of a LUN in a 7-Mode Snapshot copy

  • Restore a range of blocks from a LUN captured in a 7-Mode Snapshot copy

  • Create a FlexClone of the volume using a 7-Mode Snapshot copy

You cannot do the following with transitioned LUNs:

  • Access Snapshot copy-backed LUN clones captured in the volume

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