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Manage automatic volume-level background deduplication on ETERNUS AX series

Volume-level background deduplication can be managed to run automatically using a predefined auto ETERNUS AX policy. No manual configuration of the schedules is required. The auto policy performs continuous deduplication in the background.

The auto policy is set for all newly created volumes and for all upgraded volumes that have not been manually configured for background deduplication. You can change the policy to default or any other policy to disable the feature.

If a volume moves from a non-ETERNUS AX series to an ETERNUS AX series, the auto policy is enabled on the destination node by default. If a volume moves from an ETERNUS AX node to a non-ETERNUS AX node, the auto policy on the destination node is replaced by the inline-only policy by default.

On ETERNUS AX, the system monitors all the volumes having the auto policy and deprioritizes the volume that has less savings or has frequent overwrites. The deprioritized volumes no longer participate in automatic background deduplication. Change logging on deprioritized volumes is disabled and metadata on the volume is truncated.

Users can promote the deprioritized volume to re-participate in an automatic background deduplication using the volume efficiency promote command available at the advanced privilege level.

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