ONTAP 9.14

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Rules governing node root volumes and root aggregates

A node’s root volume contains special directories and files for that node. The root aggregate contains the root volume. A few rules govern a node’s root volume and root aggregate.

A node’s root volume is a FlexVol volume that is installed at the factory or by setup software. It is reserved for system files, log files, and core files. The directory name is /mroot, which is accessible only through the systemshell by Fujitsu Support. The minimum size for a node’s root volume depends on the platform model.

  • The following rules govern the node’s root volume:

    • Unless Fujitsu Support instructs you to do so, do not modify the configuration or content of the root volume.

    • Do not store user data in the root volume.

      Storing user data in the root volume increases the storage giveback time between nodes in an HA pair.

    • You can move the root volume to another aggregate.

  • The root aggregate is dedicated to the node’s root volume only.

    ONTAP prevents you from creating other volumes in the root aggregate.

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