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When the SP/BMC uses the network interface for firmware updates

An SP firmware update that is triggered from ONTAP with the SP running version 1.5, 2.5, 3.1, or later supports using an IP-based file transfer mechanism over the SP network interface.

This topic applies to both the SP and the BMC.

An SP firmware update over the network interface is faster than an update over the serial interface. It reduces the maintenance window during which the SP firmware is being updated, and it is also nondisruptive to ONTAP operation. The SP versions that support this capability are included with ONTAP. They are also available on the DVD included in the Product and can be installed on controllers that are running a compatible version of ONTAP.

When you are running SP version 1.5, 2.5, 3.1, or later, the following firmware upgrade behaviors apply:

  • An SP firmware update that is automatically triggered by ONTAP defaults to using the network interface for the update; however, the SP automatic update switches to using the serial interface for the firmware update if one of the following conditions occurs:

    • The SP network interface is not configured or not available.

    • The IP-based file transfer fails.

    • The SP API service is disabled.

Regardless of the SP version you are running, an SP firmware update triggered from the SP CLI always uses the SP network interface for the update.

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