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Display NFS statistics

You can display NFS statistics for storage virtual machines (SVMs) on the storage system to monitor performance and diagnose issues.

  1. Use the statistics catalog object show command to identify the NFS objects from which you can view data.

    statistics catalog object show -object nfs*

  2. Use the statistics start and optional statistics stop commands to collect a data sample from one or more objects.

  3. Use the statistics show command to view the sample data.

Example: Monitoring NFSv3 performance

The following example shows performance data for the NFSv3 protocol.

The following command starts data collection for a new sample:

vs1::> statistics start -object nfsv3 -sample-id nfs_sample

The following command shows data from the sample by specifying counters that show the number of successful read and write requests versus the total number of read and write requests:

vs1::> statistics show -sample-id nfs_sample -counter read_total|write_total|read_success|write_success

Object: nfsv3
Instance: vs1
Start-time: 2/11/2013 15:38:29
End-time: 2/11/2013 15:38:41
Cluster: cluster1

    Counter                                           Value
    --------------------------- ---------------------------
    read_success                                      40042
    read_total                                        40042
    write_success                                   1492052
    write_total                                     1492052
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