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NFSv4.0 functionality supported by ONTAP

ONTAP supports all the mandatory functionality in NFSv4.0 except the SPKM3 and LIPKEY security mechanisms.

The following NFSV4 functionality is supported:


    Allows a client to request multiple file operations in a single remote procedure call (RPC) request.

  • File delegation

    Allows the server to delegate file control to some types of clients for read and write access.

  • Pseudo-fs

    Used by NFSv4 servers to determine mount points on the storage system. There is no mount protocol in NFSv4.

  • Locking

    Lease-based. There are no separate Network Lock Manager (NLM) or Network Status Monitor (NSM) protocols in NFSv4.

For more information about the NFSv4.0 protocol, see RFC 3530.

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