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Verify all LIFS are on home ports after upgrade

During a reboot, some LIFs might have been migrated to their assigned failover ports. After you upgrade a cluster, you must enable and revert any LIFs that are not on their home ports.

The network interface revert command reverts a LIF that is not currently on its home port back to its home port, provided that the home port is operational. A LIF’s home port is specified when the LIF is created; you can determine the home port for a LIF by using the network interface show command.

  1. Display the status of all LIFs: network interface show -fields home-port,curr-port

    This example displays the status of all LIFs for a storage virtual machine (SVM).

    cluster1::> network interface show -fields home-port,curr-port
    vserver                          lif       home-port curr-port
    -------------------------------- --------- --------- ---------
    C1_sti96-vsim-ucs539g_1622463615 clus_mgmt e0d       e0d
    C1_sti96-vsim-ucs539g_1622463615 sti96-vsim-ucs539g_cluster_mgmt_inet6 e0d e0d
    C1_sti96-vsim-ucs539g_1622463615 sti96-vsim-ucs539g_mgmt1 e0c e0c
    C1_sti96-vsim-ucs539g_1622463615 sti96-vsim-ucs539g_mgmt1_inet6 e0c e0c
    C1_sti96-vsim-ucs539g_1622463615 sti96-vsim-ucs539h_cluster_mgmt_inet6 e0d e0d
    C1_sti96-vsim-ucs539g_1622463615 sti96-vsim-ucs539h_mgmt1 e0c e0c
    C1_sti96-vsim-ucs539g_1622463615 sti96-vsim-ucs539h_mgmt1_inet6 e0c e0c
    Cluster                          sti96-vsim-ucs539g_clus1 e0a e0a
    Cluster                          sti96-vsim-ucs539g_clus2 e0b e0b
    Cluster                          sti96-vsim-ucs539h_clus1 e0a e0a
    Cluster                          sti96-vsim-ucs539h_clus2 e0b e0b
    vs0                              sti96-vsim-ucs539g_data1 e0d e0d
    vs0                              sti96-vsim-ucs539g_data1_inet6 e0d e0d
    vs0                              sti96-vsim-ucs539g_data2 e0e e0e
    vs0                              sti96-vsim-ucs539g_data2_inet6 e0e e0e
    vs0                              sti96-vsim-ucs539g_data3 e0f e0f
    vs0                              sti96-vsim-ucs539g_data3_inet6 e0f e0f
    vs0                              sti96-vsim-ucs539g_data4 e0d e0d
    vs0                              sti96-vsim-ucs539g_data4_inet6 e0d e0d
    vs0                              sti96-vsim-ucs539g_data5 e0e e0e
    vs0                              sti96-vsim-ucs539g_data5_inet6 e0e e0e
    vs0                              sti96-vsim-ucs539g_data6 e0f e0f
    vs0                              sti96-vsim-ucs539g_data6_inet6 e0f e0f
    vs0                              sti96-vsim-ucs539h_data1 e0d e0d
    vs0                              sti96-vsim-ucs539h_data1_inet6 e0d e0d
    vs0                              sti96-vsim-ucs539h_data2 e0e e0e
    vs0                              sti96-vsim-ucs539h_data2_inet6 e0e e0e
    vs0                              sti96-vsim-ucs539h_data3 e0f e0f
    vs0                              sti96-vsim-ucs539h_data3_inet6 e0f e0f
    vs0                              sti96-vsim-ucs539h_data4 e0d e0d
    vs0                              sti96-vsim-ucs539h_data4_inet6 e0d e0d
    vs0                              sti96-vsim-ucs539h_data5 e0e e0e
    vs0                              sti96-vsim-ucs539h_data5_inet6 e0e e0e
    vs0                              sti96-vsim-ucs539h_data6 e0f e0f
    vs0                              sti96-vsim-ucs539h_data6_inet6 e0f e0f
    35 entries were displayed.

    If any LIFs appear with a Status Admin status of "down" or with an Is home status of "false", continue with the next step.

  2. Enable the data LIFs: network interface modify {-role data} -status-admin up

    cluster1::> network interface modify {-role data} -status-admin up
    8 entries were modified.
  3. Revert LIFs to their home ports: network interface revert *

    This command reverts all LIFs back to their home ports.

    cluster1::> network interface revert *
    8 entries were acted on.
  4. Verify that all LIFs are in their home ports: network interface show

    This example shows that all LIFs for SVM vs0 are on their home ports.

    cluster1::> network interface show -vserver vs0
             Logical    Status     Network         Current  Current Is
    Vserver  Interface  Admin/Oper Address/Mask    Node     Port    Home
    -------- ---------- ---------- --------------- -------- ------- ----
             data001    up/up  node0    e0e     true
             data002    up/up  node0    e0f     true
             data003    up/up  node0    e2a     true
             data004    up/up  node0    e2b     true
             data005    up/up  node1    e0e     true
             data006    up/up  node1    e0f     true
             data007    up/up  node1    e2a     true
             data008    up/up  node1    e2b     true
    8 entries were displayed.
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