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Commands for managing job schedules

Many tasks—​for instance, volume Snapshot copies—​can be configured to run on specified schedules.Schedules that run at specific times are called cron schedules (similar to UNIX cron schedules). Schedules that run at intervals are called interval schedules. You use the job schedule commands to manage job schedules.

Job schedules do not adjust to manual changes to the cluster date and time. These jobs are scheduled to run based on the current cluster time when the job was created or when the job most recently ran. Therefore, if you manually change the cluster date or time, you should use the job show and job history show commands to verify that all scheduled jobs are queued and completed according to your requirements.

If the cluster is part of a MetroCluster configuration, then the job schedules on both clusters must be identical. Therefore, if you create, modify, or delete a job schedule, you must perform the same operation on the remote cluster.

If you want to…​ Use this command…​

Display information about all schedules

job schedule show

Display the list of jobs by schedule

job schedule show-jobs

Display information about cron schedules

job schedule cron show

Display information about interval schedules

job schedule interval show

Create a cron schedule1

job schedule cron create

Create an interval schedule

job schedule interval create

You must specify at least one of the following parameters: -days, -hours, -minutes, or -seconds.

Modify a cron schedule

job schedule cron modify

Modify an interval schedule

job schedule interval modify

Delete a schedule

job schedule delete

Delete a cron schedule

job schedule cron delete

Delete an interval schedule

job schedule interval delete

1Beginning with ONTAP 9.10.1, when you create a job schedule by using the job schedule cron create command, you can include the Vserver for your job schedule.

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