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Create a qtree

You can create a qtree to contain your data and specify its properties by using the volume qtree create command.

Before you begin
  • The SVM and the volume that will contain the new qtree must already exist.

  • The SVM security style must be NTFS, and SMB should be set up and running.

  1. Create the qtree: volume qtree create -vserver vserver_name { -volume volume_name -qtree qtree_name | -qtree-path qtree path } -security-style ntfs

    You can specify the volume and qtree as separate arguments or specify the qtree path argument in the format /vol/volume_name/_qtree_name.

  2. Verify that the qtree was created with the desired junction path: volume qtree show -vserver vserver_name { -volume volume_name -qtree qtree_name | -qtree-path qtree path }


The following example creates a qtree named qt01 located on SVM vs1.example.com that has a junction path /vol/data1:

cluster1::> volume qtree create -vserver vs1.example.com -qtree-path /vol/data1/qt01 -security-style ntfs
[Job 1642] Job succeeded: Successful

cluster1::> volume qtree show -vserver vs1.example.com -qtree-path /vol/data1/qt01

                      Vserver Name: vs1.example.com
                       Volume Name: data1
                        Qtree Name: qt01
  Actual (Non-Junction) Qtree Path: /vol/data1/qt01
                    Security Style: ntfs
                       Oplock Mode: enable
                  Unix Permissions: ---rwxr-xr-x
                          Qtree Id: 2
                      Qtree Status: normal
                     Export Policy: default
        Is Export Policy Inherited: true
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