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SnapMirror replication workflow

SnapMirror offers three types of data protection relationship: SnapMirror DR, archive (previously known as SnapVault), and unified replication. You can follow the same basic workflow to configure each type of relationship.

Beginning with general availability in ONTAP 9.9.1, SnapMirror Business Continuity (SM-BC) provides Zero Recovery Time Objective (Zero RTO) or Transparent Application Failover (TAF) to enable automatic failover of business-critical applications in SAN environments. SM-BC is supported in a configuration of either two ETERNUS AX clusters or two All SAN Array (ASA) clusters.

For each type of SnapMirror data protection relationship, the workflow is the same: create a destination volume, create a job schedule, specify a policy, create and initialize the relationship.

You can use the snapmirror protect command to configure a data protection relationship in a single step. Even if you use snapmirror protect, you need to understand each step in the workflow.

Snapmirror replication workflow
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